I’m someone who didn’t grow up reading comics. You wouldn’t find me in comic book shops eyeing variant covers, saying hi to the folks behind the counters, or struggling to validate my place in geek/nerd culture as a person who identified as young, black and queer. This is mainly because as a young kid I just existed. I had interests, but being shy and sheltered made it hard to believe exercising them would be worth anything. For me, feeling this way acted like a paralytic. Every idea started with a rush of activity and plans, but nothing ever seemed right when it came to putting my plans into motion. I was stuck in a zone between the life I led and the life I wanted to lead. These zones were like cuts into potential futures - that if I could muster enough confidence and energy to actuallize -  my life would move along a trajectory that ended in the unreal clarity of HD. Instead, indecision and self doubt made stepping through these gateways an impossibility. 

It’s only now that I’m nearly 30 and trying to figure out how to exist with a consistent need to create, that I have the strength to walk through the gateways I’ve been creating since I was a kid drawing flying cars and writing strange incoherent stories about magical talking animals. What’s startling about taking this first step is how much more practice, bravery, and commitment to your craft or mission you need in order to materialize what’s aching to appear: You. 


StarHammer, a webcomic written by StarTeamGo! (STG), is a story about Evelyn Li (Evey), a young unpowered girl who wakes up one day with the potential to be one of  the most powerful powered humans in existence. Yet, this change comes at a moment in Evey’s life when she doesn’t feel exceptional, or even worthy, to be named the next StarHammer. Although I haven’t caught up with the series, it’s clear that Evey’s story is one that resonates deeply with my time growing up as a kid who knew they had the potential to be special, but had no idea what that meant for who they could become. Like Evey, it seemed like everyone else around me had their futures figured out, and there I was - this bright, shy kid,- just trying to find a place to begin. With the mysterious appearance of StarHammer in Evey’s life, she’s going to have to make a lot decisions that perhaps she hoped would come years later or never. At the core of these decisions is who is Evey? Who does she want to become? How might she get there? And, should the potential needs of the world and the people she cares for influence her choice? 

So far, STG is handling the complexity of what it means to come into one’s own with a care and humor that makes StarHammer a comic you should be reading!

This is not Evey. Start reading at  StarHammer  to find out the name and backstory of this badass duo! #blackgirlmagic much? Yes please! 

This is not Evey. Start reading at StarHammer to find out the name and backstory of this badass duo! #blackgirlmagic much? Yes please!