Like most people trying to find purpose and balance, I do a lot. I started this journey by starting a notebook company called ‘The Guillios”. My business quickly become more than about profit. Making notebooks, gave me an incentive to explore my imagination through writing and doodling. I use my work to think about the counter spaces and worlds I may never get to see, but I will always be able to dream. Barely Elsewhere is a space where I get to experiment with merging aspects of my life that normally move against each other. It’s my attempt to find a way to make  academic research, community engagement, and my creative pursuits work with each other. 


Dreaming of webcomics


While I research and write towards my doctorate, I'm also slowly dreaming up my first webcomic. Dreaming of Webcomics highlights the comics that inspire and encourage me to keep drawing and writing towards my dream.

In the Glow

Television dominates my life. From research to watching, I pretty much think and discuss television 24/7. In the Glow is my take on contemporary television, blackness, and the power of the media to transform how we think.

ShoP: The Guillios


If you haven't figured it out yet, creating energizes me. The Guillios represents my original outlet from the stress and drama of graduate school. Although it is a small notebook shop that comes and goes with the demands of my schedules, The Guillios always seems to persist. For this reason, The Guillios is where I go when my tank is empty and I need a little confidence boost.